“I had the genuine privilege of working with Don Murray at MPI from 2021-2023. I was a new-ish (~2 years) Product Owner and Don was hired to fill a Scrum Master role. He and I would go on to be a formidable duo, working with several teams and making many small dents across the organization.

“Don’s experience in Agile & Engineering is extensive; he can make sense of complicated situations quickly and communicates in a way that is accessible to everyone. In addition to acting as Scrum Master, Don resuscitated our troubled Communities of Practice for Scrum Masters & Product Owners, helping both groups identify areas for improvement.

“Don truly cares about the people that he works with and does whatever he can to support them. I’ve been on the receiving end of both the care and support and I’m now far more confident and capable in my role as PO. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had made this connection and will miss our daily chats. I would highly recommend Don to anyone in need of an effective Agile Coach or dynamite Scrum Master!”

Brendan Kernaghan

“I had the pleasure of working with Don over the course of a year or so when he was a consultant for us in the Scrum Master role. Don is a very knowledgeable Agile resource and certainly puts a Lean lens on work, focusing on the things that matter most. Whether it’s the art of Scrum Master, looking at Release Management and strategies, technical guidance and suggestions, Don knows his stuff.

“He takes a very empathic and human focused approach to his work. Whether it’s approaching with ‘positude’ or reminding you what really matters, Don understands we’re all human and have different personalities. He also helped mentor and educate fellow peers and team members through working sessions and communities of practice.

“If you’re looking for someone to come in and help guide and servant lead team members down a successful path, Don is the guy!”

Marcel Picard

“When I think of Don Murray, I think supportive, knowledgeable, positive, and open minded. I worked on an Agile team for 21 months when Don was hired as the Scrum Master. He had such a valuable impact on our team by always being open to suggestions for improvement and continually encouraging us to think outside the box. Don’s knowledge and passion for Agile was always at the forefront but never overshadowed his care of every single person on our team.

“I would highly recommend Don as a Scrum Master or any kind of coach that you may need. He is truly one of a kind that helps facilitate a positive, healthy, and productive team culture!”

Lauren Davis

“Don will be the first person to tell you all of his traits and quirks - whether you asked for it or not. But layered in between his questionable PowerPoint animations and nerdy jokes is an amazing and knowledgeable individual. ‘An engineer by trade’ Don is also an amazing teacher/coach that comes with immense knowledge and background to Agile & Scrum. He has a been a great resource and contributor to all of our projects and does so with a positive attitude unlike anyone else.”

Jordan Sugiyama

“Don Murray is a brilliant Sr. Agile Coach with strong character who has an easiness about him to enable highly positive interpersonal relationships with others. His practical approach as an enthusiastic and transparent educator has won him great respect throughout Shaw Communications / Freedom Mobile. No doubt, he has provided me tremendous guidance and insights on problems I’ve encountered over the years. He is totally worth recommending!”

Dwight Thompson

“Don provided my team and many others training and mentorship in Agile methodologies, attitudes, and behaviours. His training and mentorship greatly helped my team choose to adopt and transform to an Agile project management and working style. Don is a smart and compassionate fellow, and an engaging presenter and educator.

“Kudos to you Don, keep crushing it.”

Christian Corbin